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You've hit the county fair and finished your last beach or mountain adventure. The mail has been heavy with things from the school district and your kids have suddenly become grumpy. This all means you've reached the end of Summer and the beginning of Back-to-School. Every year this day sneaks up on parents and kids alike. Suddenly the entire house and budget are centered on getting school supplies, first-day clothes, and more tissues than you could ever use in a single cold-season. There are a million things taking a back seat to all of this preparation. One bit of advice; don't let your house play second fiddle.

Deep Clean

Things are crazy in the weeks running up to the first day of school. Getting a deep clean in now will make it so you can

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Recent reports of looting during fire evacuations in California and even in our own backyard during the recent Bofer Canyon fire have people concerned about property crimes like burglary. This is a real concern in all areas of the country and also one that can be prevented. Here are a few things you can do to prevent your home from becoming a magnet for burglars.  

Daytime security

Many burglaries happen in broad daylight. These are conducted in the daytime because it's more common to see people coming and going during daylight hours. To prevent these types of burglaries you should do a visual inspection of the home and look for easy to access windows that might be pried open. Make sure your window screens are on to make it a little harder for

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Healthy Versus Unhealthy GrassThe Summer heat is upon us and in the Tri-Cities that means temperatures that regularly top 100 degrees. This can quickly turn that Springtime lush green into a sad yellow lawn if you don't take care during the inevitable heat waves. Here are some first steps to keeping your green grass through the Summer heat. 

Step 1: Mow Smarter

Mowing your grass too frequently can create stress on the grass. It will spend more time repairing the damage due to the mowing than it will in generating the growth that signifies health. Let your Summer lawn grow to between 3 inches and 4 inches tall and be sure to never cut off more than a 1/3 of the grass height with each cutting. Avoid the same patterns when mowing to ensure even growth. Make sure you've serviced

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It's summertime and that means your backyard has just become your staycation destination. Or has it? If your backyard isn't the oasis you want or you'd like to add some serious return on investment for a house you're ready to sell here is a list of outdoor amenities that will add serious value to your home. 

Outdoor Shower

Research by the National Association of Realtors found that homes with an outdoor shower or bathing amenities offered a 97 percent premium on price-per-square-foot. This weekend DIY project could bring serious creature comforts or major returns on your selling price.

Barbecue Station

Outdoor cooking has become a sport in some neighborhoods. The value of an outdoor kitchen plumbed with natural gas or a smoker with all of

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There is a tiny trend happening across the United States. It's being led by the everpresent Millenials and their sometimes quirky tastes. Tiny homes are seemingly everywhere in the media and they are becoming a major new movement in certain regions of the United States. This movement is defined by the ideals of simple living and in some cases mobility. If that simplicity seems alluring then there are some important things to consider before you jump on the tiny bandwagon. 

Check Your Jurisdiction

Washington State, like most states, has a variety of regulating bodies that determine rules and regulations for building and even temporary or mobile structures. Plopping a tiny home (or parking as the case may be) on a residential lot may not be legal

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A 2015 settlement between the three main credit reporting agencies and the state of New York State has resulted in some dramatic changes to the way that credit is impacted by collections. The changes will impact an estimated 11-12 million of the 200 million people with a credit rating. While most of the impact will be modest the possible impact for those with significant accounts in collections could be as high as 100 points. 

The four main elements that are impacted by these changes are:

  • Collections less than 180 days old will be rejected by all three bureaus
  • Medical collections that are paid, or being paid by insurance, will be removed or suppressed
  • Collections with no updates for 6 months will not be factored or may be removed
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EverStar Realty supports and celebrates the fiftieth year of the Fair Housing Act.  This federal legislation made it illegal to refuse to rent or sell a home to anyone based on certain protected classes such as race, gender, and familial status. 

If you own an investment property such as a rental unit, it is important to know and abide the Fair Housing Act in order to be complaint with the federal law. The  Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination in the sale, leasing, rental, and financing of dwellings.

The Fair Housing Act is the federal law that protects renters and buyers rights.  The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) enforces the law.  The law establishes protected classes.  These protected classes cannot be

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Fishing DerbyKid’s Fishing Derby This Saturday!

Are you looking for a fun day with the kids?  Join the excitement for free for kids 2-11 years old. 

Many trout will be stocked in McNary Ponds for this event. Special fish will be tagged for prizes.

All normal fishing regulations are in effect.

Bring your own fishing pole and gear; some loaner poles may be available.

An adult must accompany all children.

Each fish caught must be reeled in by a child 2-11 years old.

Day: Saturday
Dates: April 14th
Times: 10:00am-Noon
Cost: Free
Ages: 2-11 years
Location: McNary Ponds

Sponsored by Tom Denchel Ford

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Selling a home means getting your home in order for photos as well as open houses. Another key ingredient is staging your home, which we have covered in a previous blog.  Staging a home does make a difference in helping prospective buyers visualize the space and getting the home sold faster.  

When you are getting ready for photos and when staging; consider plants. A  recent article on stated,   "Wellness-minded millennials are filling their homes with clean-air houseplants, and real estate developers are realizing that a love for greenery can be used as an amenity to attract buyers." Since Millennials are one of the largest groups of buyers, it makes sense to stage with things that will attract them, like plants.

“Plants boost

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IrisSpring Beauty or Allergy Torment

Spring time is one of our favorite seasons.  That is, unless, you are an allergy sufferer.  Spring can herald the season of allergy pill investment time for many people.  Sneezing, coughing, sore throats, and itchy eyes can all be signals that you are experiencing allergies.  According to OPALS, just over "twenty-five years ago only 10% of the US population suffered from allergies." The last official figure they stated, "was up to 38% and rising."

However, just because you are an allergy sufferer doesn't mean that you can't enjoy beautiful plants in your own garden. There are allergy-friendly plants that you can have in your landscaping and enjoy their beauty.

Make sure to plan out your garden in advance and

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